Informatica’s Continuity and Recovery services protect assets and reputation using rapid recovery

The ability to recognize and respond to security incidents and events is critical when an organization’s reputation, revenue, and trust are at stake. With the help of its incident response plan, the Canadian public company was able to quickly recover from a massive cyberattack in just 5 days.

Being proactive enables companies to respond more effectively by gaining a better knowledge of threat intentions and defenses related to prospective dangers. As a result, planning and incident response is one of the most important measures for determining an organization’s maturity and capabilities.

Incident response simulations offer organizations the chance to experience the chaos of a cyberattack without dealing with the consequences of one. Informatica’s tabletop exercises test the team’s know-how, and audited scenarios allow for post-exercise feedback to let businesses know how their team can improve in the event of a real cyberattack.