3 Fintech solutions that helped a business improve its security posture

A Toronto-based finance company innovated its cybersecurity operations as a means of minimizing risk for their customers by taking a three-pronged approach: multi-factor authentication and multi-cloud data storage, paired with more robust data encryption. With this plan in place, the company was ready to face the risk inherent to their industry.

The Fintech space is becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks as criminals develop increasingly complex methods of attack. Risk mitigation measures such as multi-cloud data storage and data encryption are no longer luxuries; they are necessities in keeping customer and partner information secure.

Informatica works directly with the management of financial institutions to design privacy and security programs that fit the institution. Informatics works with top executives to develop enterprise information strategies that put security first, and runs incident response exercises that help businesses prepare for how to respond when the worst-case scenario becomes a reality.