Cybersafety Sentinel February 2022 Week 4

Claudiu’s Top Story:

A father in France is facing a hefty fine and possible jail time following his well intentioned attempt to keep his kids off the internet and cell phones late at night. His use of a signal jammer was so effective that he not only kept his kids off the internet, but those in a nearby town as well. Read More

At Olympics, cybersecurity worries linger in background

Nefarious cyber activity is a flashpoint in the geopolitical rivalry between China and the West. Beijing has long been accused by the U.S. and technology watchdogs of widespread online snooping and data pilfering, allegations it denies. Now that the Games are ending, and some 16,000 athletes, organizers, journalists and other visitors are heading home, concerns turn to what malware and other problems those who failed to heed the warnings might be carrying with them. Read More

Ukraine conflict brings cybersecurity risks to US homes, businesses

Recent Russian-linked cyberattacks, including against energy pipelines, federal government services, and attacks on local governments, first responders, hospitals and private corporations, show the potential for Russian cyber warriors to put U.S. civilians at risk. All these entities should be more vigilant over the coming days. Read More

Chinese Cybersecurity Company Doxes Apparent NSA Hacking Operation

The report from Pangu Lab delves into malware that its researchers first encountered in 2013 during an investigation into a hack against “a key domestic department.” At the time, the researchers couldn’t figure out who was behind the hack, but then, thanks to leaked NSA data about the hacking group Equation Group—widely believed to be the NSA—released by the mysterious group Shadow Brokers and by the German magazine Der Spiegel, they connected the dots and realized it was made by the NSA, according to the report. Read More

Donation site for Ottawa truckers’ ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest exposed donors’ data

The donation site used by truckers in Ottawa who are currently protesting against national vaccine mandates has fixed a security lapse that exposed passports and driver licenses of donors. Read More

Montana Medical Center Faces Hacking Incident Impacting 214K

Healthcare data breaches continue to burden the healthcare sector. As geopolitical tensions rise due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the American Hospital Association (AHA) warned that US healthcare organizations may become collateral damage in Russian cyberattacks. Read More

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