Cybersafety Sentinel January 2022 Week 4

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Claudiu’s Top Story

Concerned that you might be missing out on the #Bitcoin craze? Don’t. The #blockchain is still a solution looking for a problem and the disastrous world of #cryptocoins remains a bottomless speculative bubble manipulated by private interests. Read more.

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Data Privacy Day: Protecting data in 2022

Recognizing Data Privacy Day, CyberSecurity Experts were interviewed to discuss data use across a wide range of applications, how companies must do their utmost to maintain security in a changing environment, and the importance of initiatives such as Data Privacy Day. Read more.

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Why the Fate of the Metaverse Could Hang On Its Security

The metaverse has slowly become more and more of a possible reality with the creation of virtual reality. The metaverse is a virtual world that is indistinguishable from the real world. However, anything connected to the internet is fair game for cyberattacks. Could a possible future be ended because of cybersecurity? Read more.

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How AI Can Help Security Teams Detect Threats

Ever since the internet was created,  it has always been a constant battle between cyber attackers and cyber security teams. However, there may be a chance for another party to turn the tides for good. We have all heard the horror stories of artificial intelligence taking over the world as we know it, but what about the positive possibilities? Read more.

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Update Your iPhone, iPad and Mac! New Patch Fixes Nasty Safari Issue

Do you own an iPhone? If you do, you have most likely used the preinstalled search app “Safari” to browse online or answer itching questions at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, there was a bug that allowed Safari to leak your data to the websites you visit. Don’t wait to fix this. Your information is at risk. Read more.

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Student Data Security and Privacy Must Be Taken More Seriously

School districts hold a lot of personal information about their students, making them prime targets for cyber attacks. From the pandemic, applications like Google Workspace, Office 365, and video conferencing platforms like Zoom, we are more online than ever before. Read about the many efforts that have been made to insure our students stay safe. Read more.

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