Microsoft Defender Weakness Lets Hackers Bypass Malware Detection

Do you use a computer running Windows 10? The Windows Defender Program was revealed to have a flaw that could allow hackers to avoid any malware detection. Read more.

Online Privacy: Security Trends to Watch Out For

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Why Is Cyber Assessment So Important in Security?

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Cellular networks revolt against Apple privacy moves

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How to Reduce Privacy, Security Risks with New Tech in Your Home

As our homes become more technologically advanced and more options than ever to make our daily lives all the more comfortable, privacy concerns have also emerged. Read more.

Facebook’s New Privacy Center Shows You Everything it Collects – Here’s How to Use It

Facebook has always be under fire for its user security. Find out if its new Privacy Center will actually help. Read more.

Claudiu Popa – CEO, Informatica Group

Claudiu Popa is a public speaker, cybersecurity expert, and passionate defender of privacy rights who engages audiences through storytelling and weaponizes academic courses, radio, television, podcasts, social media, and the written word to fight for the vulnerable in society and catalyze positive social change in Canada.

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