Cybersafety Sentinel November 2022 Week 2

Claudiu’s Top Post

Three ways to prevent modern phishing: 1. delay your reaction to it. Just go make yourself a coffee, then come back and re-read the ‘urgent’ message. Read More

Gambling Companies Use Student Data

John Edwards, UK Information Commissioner, said: “No-one needs persuading that a database of pupils’ learning records being used to help gambling companies is unacceptable. At the time of the breach, 12,600 organisations had access to the LRS database. Read More

New Child Privacy Law

The state has long been a leader in online privacy protections, pioneering laws that other states adopt later. Lawmakers in other states aren’t waiting to see how tech companies respond to the requirements in the California law. Read More

Device Can ‘see’ Through Walls

Nicknamed Wi-Peep, the device can “see” through walls, surreptitiously identifying the locations of smart watches, phones, laptops and the like, with speed and accuracy. The findings revealed that for relatively little money, a lightweight, quick and accurate attack system could exploit the “polite Wi-Fi” loophole. Read More

User Data Available To Staff

The privacy policy now makes clear that TikTok user data is transferred to a number of third countries for “important functions,” China among them. EU TikTok user data will be stored locally once the facility is complete. Read More

Tracking Despite Privacy Settings

“The level of detail is shocking for a company like Apple,” Mysk told Gizmodo. “I expected from a company like Apple, that believes that privacy is a fundamental human right, to collect more generic analytics,” Mysk said. Read More

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