Cybersafety Sentinel May 2023 Week 4

Claudiu’s Top Post

Banks and other financial institutions are doing what they can to stay ahead of cybercriminals, but when their measures fail, you need to be thinking on your feet. I was interviewed for this story where a man was sharp enough to realize he had been scammed and responsibly reported the crime. One key takeaway is that even though fraudsters may be on the other side of the planet, they can still be surprisingly conversant (and confident) about exploitable weaknesses in your bank’s processes. What do you find most interesting about this type of scam? Read More

AI Scams Targeting Seniors

Members of Congress are working to find out more about artificial intelligence scams targeting older Americans as the technology continues to evolve. Earlier this month, a Senate committee held a hearing about artificial intelligence and pointed to concerns about the unknowns surrounding AI and the potential harms. Read More

Waterloo Researchers Unmask Hacker

Joe Stewart and Keegan Keplinger are cybersecurity researchers at eSentire who spent months tracking down one of the most effective hackers on the Dark Web. The Romanian hacker does not post a lot on social media, but his family and friends did. Read More

Meta Faces $1.3B Euro Privacy Fine

The penalty of 1.2 billion euros is the biggest since the EU’s strict data privacy regime took effect five years ago, surpassing Amazon’s 746 million euro fine in 2021 for data protection violations. That included the disclosure that Facebook gave the agencies access to the personal data of Europeans. Read More

Chinese Hackers Targeted Infrastructure

State-sponsored hackers from China have been targeting U.S. critical infrastructure, cybersecurity officials from around the world — including Canada — warned Wednesday in a co-ordinated effort to root out the perpetrators. The discovery of what the NSA described as indicators of compromise was first made by Microsoft and attributed to Volt Typhoon, a Chinese state actor that the company said has been active since mid-2021. Read More

Canadian Nurses Association Cyber Attack

The Canadian Nurses Association says it has suffered a cybersecurity incident, but isn’t commenting on a report that the attack was ransomware. The CNA represents 460,000 nurses in all categories — registered, nurse practitioners, licensed and registered practical nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses — across the country. Read More

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