Cybersafety Sentinel February 2023 Week 1

Claudiu’s Top Post

What is the chance you touched counterfeit cash in the past year? I had a brief look at the statistics surrounding fake money in Canada and came up with 3 interesting factoids: 1. Read More

Malware Steals from NFC Cards

The Brazilian threat actors behind an advanced and modular point-of-sale (PoS) malware known as Prilex have reared their head once again with new updates that allow it to block contactless payment transactions. Read More

Chick-fil-A Privacy Lawsuit

Chick-fil-A data collection may have run afoul of federal video privacy law. The law in question is the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA), a 1988 regulation. Read More

Home Depot Customer Consent

Home improvement retailer Home Depot didn’t get customer consent before sharing personal data with Meta, which operates social media giants Facebook and Instagram, according to a new report by Canada’s privacy watchdog. Read More

Hackers Abuse Microsoft Verified Publisher

Multiple fraudulent Microsoft Partner Network accounts were discovered to have created harmful OAuth applications with malicious intent, they were specifically designed to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting customers. Read More

New Malware App on Google Play

Web antivirus reported that over 20M devices have recently downloaded a highly successful new category of activity-tracking apps from the Google Play Store. Users on Google Play have reported that Lucky Step, Walking Tracker behaves like adware. Read More

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