World class cybersecurity has its privileges

The Flexsecure program rewards Canadian organizations that adopt essential security and privacy services. Data protection and standards compliance are not optional, so why not maximize your benefits year round?

Cybersecurity rewards program

Now with extended 3 year support for:

  • 3 key aspects of your security management program
  • 4 fundamental requirements for cyber insurance coverage 
  • 5 operational security solutions

The freedom to work and grow

Flexsecure is the community of organizations that embrace effortless cybersecurity while experiencing fantastic rewards and unprecedented savings

Our comprehensive security subscription includes

  • Exclusive cybersecurity support program membership
  • Access to a dedicated, trusted advisor
  • Annual state of Cybersecurity workshop, customized to your organization

Save on your key activities

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Trust is not about what you say. It’s about what you can verify.

  • Use a business solution firmly based on proven standards
  • Trust our 25-year pedigree of excellence to power your Security and Privacy
  • Flexsecure is your platform for risk & reputation management